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  • Czech Armed ForcesCzech Armed Forces' armoured vehicle priorities
    Lt Col Vit Duchacek, the Czech Armed Forces' Divisional Director of Development and Planning Capabilities, talks with Defence IQ about armoured vehicles - from current modernization plans to immediate challenges facing his personnel.
  • Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe: Market OverviewArmoured Vehicles Eastern Europe: Market Overview
    June 2014
    The European armoured vehicles market is estimated to lead the world in terms of demand in the next 10 years and the region will account for approximately a third of the global requirement. Recent events in Ukraine have stimulated defence spending across the region. In Ukraine itself, an additional 6.8 billion hryvnia ($697 million USD) has been added to the defence budget, a large proportion of which will be dedicated to mobility and weapons modernization...


  • Military vehicle stealth camo system sees strong approval in trialsMilitary vehicle stealth camo system sees strong approval in trials

    August 2014
    An innovative type of netting camouflage that can conceal the thermal signature of military vehicles has been given enthusiastic support from US troops trialing the customisable solution on main battle tanks. Learn more about the latest results of Saab Barracuda's Mobile Camouflage System (MCS) technology, set to make an impact on the Eastern European market...


  • Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015
    Defence IQ’s Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2015 is now available to download without charge. As regular readers will be aware, this annual report offers a digestible guide to the latest AV market trends from the world at large, as well as the results of our recent survey undertaken to explore the perspectives of industry professionals and military personnel within this domain.

    [This PDF is a large file (11mb+). Please allow time for it to download]



  • International Armoured Vehicles: Full OverviewInternational Armoured Vehicles: Full Overview
    The long-established Armoured Vehicles conference series is a truly global affair, with the world's most senior officers taking part. Each year, the flagship event takes place in the United Kingdom, beginning the dialogue and networking opportunities set to take place across the Hemispheres. Get a full overview from this year's International Armoured Vehicles event in under 10 minutes!
  • Brigadier General Slawomir Wojciechowski: Attending the Armoured Vehicles eventBrigadier General Slawomir Wojciechowski: Attending the Armoured Vehicles event
    February 2014  
    Brigadier General Slawomir Wojciechowski, Director of Strategy and Defence Planning at the Polish MoD, was in the UK to attend International Armoured Vehicles and sought consultation with partners and allies “for ideas when it comes to policy and trends during a time of shrinking budgets and a post-Afghanistan situation.”
  • General Sir Peter Wall (Chief of British Army) and General Sher Karimi (Chief of Afghan Army)General Sir Peter Wall (Chief of British Army) and General Sher Karimi (Chief of Afghan Army)
    Having toured the exhibition space at the 2014 International Armoured Vehicles event, the heads of the Afghanistan and British Armies stand shoulder to shoulder to heap praise on the event and the opportunities that it provides to forces hoping to forge a path ahead for land forces in tomorrow's changing world.
  • Brigadier General Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant, US Army Armor SchoolBrigadier General Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant, US Army Armor School
    Brig Gen Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant of the US Army Armor School, explains the benefits of the Armoured Vehicles conference to his duties, including the value in being able to use the occassion to meet with his counterparts and swap notes on the future direction for collaborative forces.
  • Brigadier General Bodgan Tworkowski, NATO Allied Land Command HQBrigadier General Bodgan Tworkowski, NATO Allied Land Command HQ
    Speaking at IAV 2014, Brig Gen Bodgan Tworkowski, Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, NATO Allied Land Command HQ, explains how useful the Armoured Vehicles conference is to him as he has witnessed the industry move from being a local market to a global one, in which ideas and partnerships are more frequently executed on a multinational level.

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  • Armoured Vehicles ProspectusArmoured Vehicles Prospectus
    Download the Armoured Vehicles Business Development Pack for more information about our event portfolio opportunities.

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